The Limericks Edition

For anyone who has known me for more than ~5 minutes, you know that I can be serious for only so long.  Then my unique wit just has to find an escape hatch.  Sometimes that comes out in limericks, that highest of poetic art forms.  After a number of mostly serious, incredibly insightful, deeply meaningful, and courageously vulnerable blog posts, this one is none of those things.  It is……. The Limericks Edition, featuring that familiar AABBA structure (no, not the Swedish 70s rock band) we all know and love, on a variety of topics that reflect my new SoCal life. (Disclaimer:  only the last photo is my own.)  Enjoy!


On hummingbird bullies
Those cute little hummers look sweet
And search out my red feeders’ treats
But threaten their turf
And you’ll regret your birth
They’re small but they can bring the heat!
Hummingbirds competing at feeder by Sr. Marty Dermody.


On downsizing from 1800 to 500 sq ft:
When you live in a tiny apartment
You quadruple up the departments
I sleep in the room
Where I cook, work, and groom.
Outside is where I find enlargement.

Image result for tiny house photo tour









On learning Spanish:
My task at hand? To learn Spanish!
So my fear of mistakes I must banish.
I’ll learn new word orders
To meet those at the border
And find that our differences vanish.

Image result for meme learning new language


On too much sunshine:
Perhaps it’s rude to mention the weather
Because there is nowhere, NOWHERE it’s better
My parka is lonely
And my boots fear that only
They’ll be in the closet forever.

Beach is crowded with people on tourism enjoying the summer holiday and vacation in Barcelona


On missing MN snow:
Ha ha ha ha ha ha HA!
Tra la la la la la LAAAAA!
My poor friends in St. Paul
Who threaten to bawl
This year I’m not sad I live fah


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