A Brief Visual Tour of Local Amazingness

Twice today I had reason to walk in my neighborhood, and both times I’m sure I could be heard up and down the block gasping in delight and disbelief every ten feet or so.  Most of you know I’m a Master Gardener, and while that excellent training did prepare me to figure out what unfamiliar plants, trees, bugs, and diseases are, I am still overwhelmed with the enormous diversity of Mystery Plants here in my new SoCal home.  It’s still a wee bit of a shock that anything is green, let alone blooming, in March at all, but I’m getting used to it.  🙂  Locals have already advised learning all about Succulents because they do very well in this semi-arid climate.  Plus they’re crazy beautiful…  and weird.  The textures are mind-blowing.  The colors are surprising.  Often I get a vaguely alien vibe from this intriguing new group of ubiquitous flora (one type in particular reminds me queasily of the monster in the rave series Stranger Things.  You’ll know which one. )

Instead of trying to describe any of these, I want to show you!  You know what they say about pictures and words, and I don’t want to write a thousand words.  They would still fail to convey what I gasp at on my walks.  I was truly overwhelmed by all the beauty and creativity I witnessed today;  it took my breath away.  I imagined how fun it was and is for God to dream up such endlessly interesting creatures.  All of these photos I took within a few blocks of where I live, so picture me profoundly grateful for the gift of getting to make my home here.  These green friends will no doubt restore my peace of mind regularly as the intensity of border ministry cranks up.   Enjoy!

20180308_171701.jpg 20180308_164224.jpg








This is a cascade of rosemary, a sour tangerine tree, and yes, a pinecone– finally, something I recognize!


Each of these are the bark of a different type of palm tree!


EEEEEK!  Which one of these is from the Upside Down?  Call Eleven!!!

I’ll end with the view from my charming third story apartment.



4 Replies to “A Brief Visual Tour of Local Amazingness”

  1. Love this. So enjoyable to see. Yes, it gives inspiration to notice God’s creation. How great is our God! Enjoy and keep learning!


    1. I know, right? 😉 It’s a challenge to not gasp out loud when I see another fascinating strange plant or tree, or talk to myself out loud wondering what it is. Ha! There are worse things than a rep for spontaneous conversations with green things.


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