I’m Angelie Ryah

In 53 years I have worked a slew of jobs, worn a bunch of hats, and learned a few things about path-finding.  All of which have led me to this next chapter that I’ve launched into:


I have relocated from St. Paul to San Diego with my one wild and precious life packed on my back to pour life into those on the front lines of ministry on both sides of the border.

I believe that guiding spiritual leaders through the rough terrain of ministry will open up new paths and ways of being. I am convinced in every cell of my body that the inner person of a leader matters. Self-compassion directly feeds the reservoir of compassion he or she has for everyone else. I’ve lived that myself, and experienced it from others both for good and for bad.  So have you.  My desire to walk with leaders in a way that invites them to inner wholeness is with the conviction that only whole-hearted leaders can restore our broken world.  Healed people heal people.

And oh! Our world is crying out for healing.

Already I have learned on this crazy adventure that I can’t do it alone. I need you! I need you to join me in the work, the listening, the valleys and the mountaintops. My hope is that you will come with this spiritual trail guide (me!) to the borders of our countries and to our own selves. Let’s blaze this trail together one day at a time.

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This Saturday I am joining 150 others on a 12+ hour experiential learning day in Tijuana among the migrant caravan.  Our day has been designed to first simply be with the migrants themselves, to meet them in person rather than through news media sound bites and video clips. We will hear individual stories and share …


Individual Spiritual Direction

Few people have a safe place where they can take off all their masks and explore who they are becoming.  Growing into your next self can be a lonely if not scary path to find your way alone, especially if you’re already overwhelmed and tired.  Having a guide to listen to your soul with you can make all the difference, someone with a deep heart, wise ear, and personal experience with rough trails.

As a trained spiritual director, I guide women and men to listen for the voice of the Divine (however understood) as well as their own. A spiritual director walks with you in your best and worst seasons, and can guide you towards reflective decision-making.  In these sacred conversations you are helped to let your life speak, to go toward what fills you with gratitude, purpose and strength, and to gently shed what no longer fits who you are becoming.

When might spiritual direction be helpful?  Any time you want support to deepen your spirituality, and especially to bring a sacred lens:

  • Before, during, and after transitions like career, family, relationship, or location shifts.
  • When needing to make important decisions, and follow through.
  • When you feel burned out, a bit lost, wanting a change but unsure what that is.
  • Seasons of grief or loss.
  • When you wonder how God is moving in your life.
  • For greater self-understanding, compassion, and clarity.

I particularly enjoy working with anyone starting a new chapter, helping women strengthen their voice, and anyone deepening their leadership.  Areas of expertise that I bring to my clients include:

  • Depression and grief work.
  • Integrating the physical and spiritual: the body, nature, a significant location.
  • Ancient and current contemplative practice.
  • Creating personal rituals to support healing, calm presence, celebration, and growth.
  • Eco-spirituality.

Spiritual direction is typically practiced one-on-one (in person or online), and is completely confidential. While therapy or coaching is more goal-oriented or focused on resolving a problem, spiritual direction brings a wide gentle lens on how God is moving in all of life.

Sessions are 60-90 minutes and usually monthly. Cost: $45-60/session.

Group Spiritual Direction

Another form of spiritual direction is in facilitated groups of 3-6 people. Typically one person shares a part of their journey while the others listen for the Sacred, then offer back a gentle question or observation. Turns are taken so that everyone both receives and offers direction. I was part of an ongoing group for over nine years–  and discovered it is quite different from individual direction. I enjoy facilitating group direction, which allows participants to be more present to themselves and others. I can also train a direction group to self-facilitate on their own.

Sessions are 2-4 hours, monthly or bi-monthly.

$15/session per person to facilitate.  Facilitation training is negotiable.

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Healing our broken world requires healed leaders.

You make the vital work of renewing spiritual leaders possible by giving. Your generosity of prayer, encouragement, comments, likes, sharing, and money are all a gift!

Your tax-deductible contribution, no matter the amount, makes an impact on the lives of those I serve at the US-Mexico border, and beyond.

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